Stress Free Discipline

This unique, time-saving plan for tots-to-teens discipline is researched and proven!

#1AA. Overview. parents and schools.

Step-by-step, it not only reduces stress, but also builds life-long love, teamwork, life skills and responsibility.
  • Five expectation sets for both children and parents are realistic, gradually building complex skills.
  • Children are motivated to master adult skills and values.
  • Negatives are minimized, releasing energy for building and bonding.
  • Rewards are free, simple, fun and educational.
  • This system causes poor behavior to self-eliminate without using intimidation or violence.
  • Home discipline can be successfully applied to school behavior 
  •  Adults enjoy best practice parenting; children enjoy progressive growth in adult skills.

MORE DETAIL: Why busy people should add this project to their already overwhelmed life…
and why this system is different from all the rest.

  • Basics of this system have been tested and used in classrooms across the country.
  • It rewards good behavior consistently with free and low cost motivators.
  • It gives time-saving consequences for both good and poor behavior.
  • Small disturbances are consistently caught so children are discouraged from risking larger ones.
  • It builds teamwork, while raising the performance bar for both parents and children.
  • It is flexible and can be tailored to fit your family expectations, yet the recommended expectations are sufficient without change,
  • Stress relief for parents is built into this system, while gentle pressure is kept on the children to obey.
  • This system grows with the children, step by step, encouraging a life-long supportive, interdependent relationship with parents and with each other when they are adults.
  • Rewards for good behavior always carry more points (educational time spent with you) than negative points for poor choices.  This is better motivation to behave well than with simple punishment.
  • Rebellion, however, carries “double jeopardy”, making it unattractive to children.
  • Parents and children are united in finding cooperative, supportive, creative solutions to problems which both face.
  • Children gradually master complex adult expectations and goals.
  • Adult skills and college-level thinking skills are built in a logical sequence.